This is The Hives Team

Meet The Hives Team

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

Galilaia (Gali),

36 y.o., Greece

Galilaia holds a position of a facilitator at The Hives. She is basically the creator, idea – generator, base and support for all that is happening in the project. Galilaia loves to play music (and is good at it), considers herself chaotic, and always follows her heart! Galilaia sees potential and believes (unbelievable!) in the potential of every human being, remaining open – minded to new ideas and allowing everyone in the team to be themselves.

Zuzana (Zuzi),

26 y.o., Czechia

Zuzana is a volunteering supervisor. Zuzana makes sure the project’s objectives are met, all done on time and everybody is happy and motivated! Zuzana enjoys hiking, gardening, meeting new people, crafting, running, and walking her (beautiful) dog (Lizzie). Zuzana is organised, creative and funny! She is also passionate about environmental protection, and her ideal world would be a place where everyone respects and understands each other, and lives in a sustainable way.

Matteo (Maleo),

27 y.o., Italy

Matteo is a European Volunteering Service volunteer, and his duty is to take care of the permaculture garden situated at the house where all the participants live. Matteo is open-minded, creative and adaptable. Matteo loves to play and create music, inspiring all of us to join! He believes that a happy world is a world where everyone can be free to be, express and explore in balance with everything, everybody and the Earth.

Kristiane (Kris),

20 y.o., Denmark

Kristiane volunteers as a Workaway participant. She is an optimistic, cheerful and open-minded person. Kris loves to travel and meet people from all around the world. She also enjoys playing music and singing, and she does it very well! Kris reckons that a happy person is a person who has true friends, and a person who is able to follow their dreams and ambitions. The perfect world for Kristiane would be a world without poverty and unnecessary conflicts.

Petra (Pet’a),

35 y.o., Czechia

Petra is also a Workaway volunteer. Petra is very kind, and is always there for others, this is why she has decided to volunteer. Petra believes in the Great Love, that connects us all and gives us happiness. Petra believes that everyone in the world should think of one another, be there for each other, and share the happiness. (Isn’t it beautiful!)


27 y.o., Spain

Lorena is a European Volunteering service volunteer, and her position requires from her taking care of the permaculture garden. Lorena’s favourite occupations are writing, reading, doing sports, travelling and spending time in the nature. Lorena values enjoying every moment, and she makes sure she doesn’t spend her time on doing what is not important to her. She believes in the world where everyone is equal, and no one is discriminated.

Vinicius (Vini),

24 y.o., Brazil

Vinicius is a European Volunteering service volunteer, and his position requires him to support the local children and youth. Vini loves to meet new people, as he considers it a fascinating opportunity to see the world from another person’s point of view and a chance to learn something new. While being outgoing, Vini also values his time alone – whether it is watching a movie or meditation. He has been volunteering a lot in the past, and in volunteering he sees an occasion to create something meaningful in a creative way. Vinicius believes in a world where people recognise each others values as human beings, helping one another to improve. Vini’s motto is “If you can’t find someone kind, then become someone who is”.

Aleksandra (Sasha),

27 y.o., Ukraine

Aleksandra is a European Volunteering service volunteer, and she takes care of the Information office for youth, environment and culture. Aleksandra is interested in politics, especially when it comes to environment or civil society. She likes travelling and getting to know new cultures, playing music and learning languages. The perfect world in Sasha’s mind is a world where no-one suffers, and everyone is able to follow their dreams.

Antonina (Tosia),

23 y.o., Poland

Tosia is a Workaway volunteer. She is creative, crafty, funny and is a good listener! What Tosia likes to do the most it to take photos, to learn languages and to travel. Antonina likes to explore the world and learn about it. Volunteering for Tosia is spending her time wisely, by doing something meaningful. Antonina would become the happiest if she had an ability to travel anywhere she wants without having to worry about the time or money. Tosia believes that a perfect world is the world where everyone can get equal chances for self development, access to education and is treated with respect.



31 y.o.,


Thanasis is a supervisor at The Hives. He is an easy-going person who makes the work process fun and smooth. He is very passionate about environmental protection, and he spreads this passion to everyone! He is always there to help advise and guide. The perfect world in Thanasises mind is a world where everyone has access to education and good social security.

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