a few words about us…


The Hives Project


Hives project is a civil non-profit entrepreneurship that aims to make impact with three main topics: Culture, Education and Environment

We recognise the deep connection in between those three, and we would like to enhance and develop them parallelly. By trying to have a positive impact in the environment, you face up with a cultural and an educational aspect. If you would like to have an impact in education (non-formal), you are ending up speaking for cultural and environmental issues. The same with third topic that is culture, intrinsic linked to all of the tree other topics.

For this reason, we’ve created an information office to inform local youth in our rural area about the youth mobility and give them opportunities to travel abroad, participate in seminars and workshops abroad or in an international environment and expand their experience and skills globally. Beside that, we want to create an active citizenship, give conditions for the locals to participate with ideas and projects within the society.

For this reason we are strongly connected with the European Union Youth Policy and we encourage the youth mobility through European funded programmes such as Erasmus+.


Mission, vision & values



Environmental good practices and sustainable design are the topics that we would like to develop in our area.

Sustainable buildings, renewable energy, permaculture design, highlight the variety of wildlife, plants and landscapes, activities and infrastructures is our field of interest.

For this reason we are organising the house as a pilotic project by using renewable energy technology, by trying to do a waste water treatment, by producing our own cleaners and cosmetics and by cultivating our own food. We are organising as well info days and small local volunteering projects.

Making up our farm is a project that we are developing as well.

Another purpose of this webpage is to organise the information of the activities, infrastructures and recourses of environmental interest which are taking place in our area, as well as interesting articles and links for further information.



Our aim is to highlight events and habits of our local area, in order to inform those who are interested in about the traditions, the music and the local good practices of the everyday life.

As an approach to sustainable tourism we would like to familiarise the visitors with the prementioned aspects.

Here we create a guide for those that they would like to visit Chalkidiki and learn about idiomas, the culture and the traditions of this era.



Education: We are in between Formal and Non-formal education, closer to the point to believe that non formal education has the best practices.Although, we will be mentioning formal education good practices as well!

For the Non Formal Education we are organising volunteering projects that aim to the development of skills of young volunteers.

We mainly work with European Solidarity Corps, a European programme that gives opportunity to young people to get experience abroad, and for this reason we are collaborating with other youth/ environmental organisations abroad.