Hives Project Volunteering

Volunteering EVS

Olives – picking olives from the trees   – Making the brine for olives to be eat able
Olives are being prepared for being eat able. Each olive we make a small cut to the side and put the then to water/salt/citric acid solution to lose the bitterness for 30 days. After this time olives can be spiced (example: garlic/ chili / herbs) and then enjoy.
Hostel work Cleaning the rooms of guests, cleaning hostel (floors/bathrooms/laundry, cooking volunteer lunch and dinners)
Permaculture seminar/work shop
Learning to make clay seed bombs.
 To farm without growth enhancements.
seeds are put in to a clay water mix, made in to balls then dried in sun for a day then thrown into the field to wait water to melt them and seeds to grow. 
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