DIY Fizzy Toilet Bomb

see the post below to learn how to make environmentally – friendly Toilet Bombs that clean, disinfect and deodorise.

You will need:

– 1 cup of soda
– 1/4 cups of citric acid
– essential oils
– 1/4 tbsp. of water

How to make:

1) Add baking soda and citric acid to the mixing bowl and stir well to combine.
2) Add essential oils of your choice, one drop at a time, and mix well after each addition.
3) Slowly sprinkle about 1/4 tbsp. of water into dry ingredients and mix well right away. Repeat adding about the same amount of water until the mixture is dump enough to hold itself together (see the picture).
4) Pack the mixture tightly into the mould.
5) Let the mixture dry for at least 12 hoursNow you can clean your toilet hands-free with no environmental impact!
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