Our compost experience

  • Where do food scraps go once you put them in the garbage?

    Food scraps will end up in the landfill, thrown to the ground, decomposing with toxic wastes and gradually becoming polluted organic material.

  • Why should we compost?

    Composting is the process that speeds up the decomposition of organic materials by providing unique conditions for microorganisms to thrive.

    Compost allows food scraps to return to the soil, promoting fertility and enriching biodiversity.

    Our experience with composting this season was surprisingly rewarding.
    The simple transfer of our compost to our garden’s front yard has already led to some watermelon and cucumber sprouts.

    Don’t dump your scraps on the garbage, there are always alternatives to saving organic matter from the landfill.


For this, all you need is a small container to store the food scraps before sending it back to the soil.

If you don’t have a garden or a field you can donate it to a community garden, someone with chickens or other animals, or a friend making use of compost.

Composting is a small step to give back to nature what we consume and avoid unnecessary waste in the landfill while helping the soil.
It is a simple behaviour and we can all contribute.

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