Listen to Listen

Youth workers mobility project “Listen
to Listen”

Poor listening leads to assumptions and misunderstandings. These lead to errors, ineffective decisions, and costly mistakes. On a personal level, poor listening leads to hurt feelings and a loss of team cohesion, therefore to exclusion. This deteriorates trust and weakens communication even further. Listening is an important component in how people judge communicative competence both in a professional context and in the social context. Moreover individual performance in an organisation is found to be directly related to listening ability or perceived listening effectiveness.

In order to increase youth workers ability to be better listeners to themselves and other people 24 youth workers from Latvia, Romaina, Poland, Czeck Republik, Slovenia, Greece and Portugal were brought together in Latvia between 12th and 18th October, 2019 for 7 days long Training course. Using various non-formal learning methods and nature based learning approach participants developed understandning on how to listen to themselves better, how to create trust and connection between selfs and others, as well as nature which can teach so much to us.

After the Training course participants are dedicated to share their experience with other youth workers and implement follow-up activities involving young people from their countries.

The overall aim of the project “Listen to Listen” ir to develop the resources and competencies of youth workers in The Art of Listening in order to create profound and sustainable learning environments for supporting youth inclusion in personal, social and professional life.

The project is implemented by Aluksne and Apes Community Foundation, co-financed by Euripean Union programme “Erasmus+”. The program is administrated by Agency of International Programs for Youth Republic of Latvia.

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