Collecting the treasures of nature..

The Mother Nature holds the best medicine..🌿🍄🌾

Here in Halkidiki region, that is so rich in various species of different fruits, berries, herbs, vegetables, etc, we try to do our best to use all the resources available. As we have already mentioned before, we have our own garden 🌳 as well, where we grow all sorts of vegetation, but besides that we often go to the forest or to the mountains to collect different kinds of herbs, nuts or berries to make teas, jams, syrups, or similar. Here is us going for some Rose Hips to be able to enjoy tea out of this super fruit all winter long! Rose Hips are really easy to collect, dry, and keep for a long time.Moreover, Rose Hips are crazy healthy, and contain a huge amount of vitamin C, that is very important for the immune system. And also collecting them is a lot of fun!

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