Training Course “LISTEN TO LISTEN” Tool-kit

In October 2019 we were seven days in Ape, Latvia for the Training Course Listen to Listen other 24 youth workers from Latvia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republik, Slovenia, Greece and Portugal.

Using non-formal learning methods and nature-based learning approach the participants were challenged to reconnect with themselves, to express openly and creatively, and being invited to get out of their comfort zone to cultivate trust, openness and connection with themselves, others and nature as the foundation for becoming a source of heart-based positive transformation for the community.

To help other people to develop The Art of Listening, the youth workers from the Aluksne and Apes Community Foundation gathered some of the activities done during this training and created a tool-kit to share and to generate more knowledge about the art of listening.

With this beautiful art, is possible to create a more profound and sustainable learning environment for supporting youth inclusion in personal, social and professional life.

Tool-kit link:

The project was implemented by Aluksne and Apes Community Foundation, co-financed by European Union programme “Erasmus+”. The programme was administrated by Agency of International Programs for Youth Republic of Latvia.

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