The Hives Project Co Living Lab

View from a Hammock

Ex The White Rabbit Guesthouse

Our Co Living Lab is located in the heart of Halkidiki region, between magnificent beaches and olive groves!

We aim to provide group accommondation throughout the whole year, as our Co Living Lab is fully equiped with a green hybrid heating system for winter use, while it is green and no A/C is needed during the warm season of the summer.

We have both dormitories and private rooms, outdoor picnic tables, big kitchens, an outdoor oven, gardens, terraces for enjoying the Grecian sun, and plenty of olive trees for your eyes to appreciate.

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According to the season, the guesthouse may be able to provide you with fresh salads straight from our garden, or delicious Greek snacks, like feta with olive oil and oregano.

The dining area

Sometimes we have bicycles available for guests , there are two supermarkets within walking distance, and on Mondays, there is a small farmer’s market in the nearby village. The beachfront offers several options for coffee shops and cafes, and even has outdoor seating right on the sand for you to enjoy an evening beer! The beachfront is about 20 minutes walking from the hostel, or an easy 10-minute bike ride.

If you like animals, you are in luck, because we are”guarded” by Penelope that is constantly seeking another hand to pet her. We also have three loving cats that roam around and love to try to sneak inside.

Sustainability is our first priority, so we have adopted some good practices in order to minimise our environmental footprint.

Solar panels

Hives Project is an eco-friendly community project. We call it a “project” because we are continuously trying and experimenting with new environmental practices. For example using solar panels for heating up the house and for hot water.


We recycle everything that the Greek state requires from us and more – we also have a compost pit where we recycle all bio waste.

We recycle everything that the Greek state requires and more – we also recycle bio waste, as we have a compost pit.

Natural cleaners

We also use natural cleaning and hygiene products that we make ourselves. Those are laundry detergents, soaps, toothpastes, shampoos, dishwashing soaps, deodorants, toilet cleaning bombs, and many more.

Grey Water

Majority of our grey water goes directly to the garden. That is why we would appreciate it if your personal hygiene products are natural/not chemical.

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