European Solidarity Corps

Food garden in our field

The main goal of our organisation in the field is to change the monoculture system of olives trees into a more diverse and sustainable land, always avoiding harm the soil and the biodiversity.

Monoculture systems can limit the healthy functions that nature can bring to the soil and the crops, mainly due to the lack of biodiversity.

With a variety of species, it is possible to provide more beneficial nutrients to the soil and raise the number of biodiversities to enrich the field.


Nadia, our previous ESC volunteer, started her project with the idea of producing organic vegetables, perennial plants, herbs, etc..

The aim was to create a food garden enriching the plant and animal biodiversity and pesticides-free.

Previous to this experience, we started a food forest project (in cooperation with The Southern Lights) planting fruit trees around the olives tree with the same purposes.

Thank you, Nadia, for the time spent in our field 🍀

The Hives Project
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