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Voyage 2021 Greece

What if young people from Poland, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece were gathered in one place, to discuss the issues of migration.. What if those people are coming from different backgrounds, some with fewer opportunities, some with more opportunities, migrants, and some of them asylum seekers.. How would the sharing of knowledge, of experience, but…
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European Solidarity Corps
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This is The Hives Team

Meet The Hives Team “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs Galilaia (Gali), 36 y.o., Greece Galilaia holds a position of a facilitator at The Hives. She is basically the creator, idea - generator, base and support for all that is…
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Collecting the treasures of nature..

The Mother Nature holds the best medicine.. Here in Halkidiki region, that is so rich in various species of different fruits, berries, herbs, vegetables, etc, we try to do our best to use all the resources available. As we have already mentioned before, we have our own garden as well, where we grow all sorts…
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