Eco friendly limescale remover for the toilet bowl

Limescale is caused by hard water, which is created when rainwater percolates through sedimentary rocks, (like limescale and chalk) which are present in certain areas of the World. When it does, it collects calcium and magnesium carbonates, giving it a high mineral content which results in hard water.Limescale removal is possibly one of the hardest cleaning tasks we have to contend with.

But we know one very effective way to get rid of it using 100% natural ingredients

The making process is also quick and easy.

You will need:

0,5L of water
3 tbsp of citric acid
2 tbsp of corn starch
couple of drops of essential oils for nice smell and disinfection purposes (optional)
1. boil the water and slowly add 2 tbsp of corn starch to the water, while constantly mixing it with whisker until the substance is even and the corn starch if fully dissolved
2. dissolve 3 tbsp of citric acid in tiny bit of warm water until completely liquid
3. add dissolved citric acid to the mixture of corn starch and water and mix it with the blender (or manually with the whisker)
4. pour cooled mixture into the container of a choicePut the product inside the toilet bowl and leave for min. 30 mins.
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