All-Purpose Natural Cleaner

DIY all-purpose 100% natural cleaner!

You can use it for: Floors, bathroom surfaces (sink, toilet, tiles), kitchen surfaces (stove, sink, bar, table, wooden and metalic objects), more or less anything you want to clean and disinfect.

You will need:
Peels of used citrus (orange peels, lemon peels, lime peels)
40-95% alcohol
Essential oils (optional)
1. Cut used citrus peels in small pieces
2. Add the peels to the container of the choice.
3. Fill the container to the top with the sliced peels, and add vinegar, filling the whole container
4. Let the the peels soak in vinegar for 2 months
5. Pour the infused liquid into the old spray bottle (or container of the choice) filtering in through the piece of cloth
6. Add some alcohol – approximately 1/10 of the yield
7. Add couple of drops of essential oils for extra disinfection purposes – optional

And you are done – it can’t get easier! Change your habits today, and stop buying toxic and polluting cleaners, as it is rather not necessary! The nature has everything already. We have only one planet, and we should take care of it.

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