EVS at The Hives Project

This wants to be a portfolio with the main activities done during my EVS. Of course it’s barely impossible to include all my experiences, with the home moments and all the feelings and impressions, and also the mentioned activities are not strictly consequentials, like it seems from this paper, as in everdyday life priorities change and unexpected things happen. I’ll try anyway to be complete and nevertheless synthetic.

In the next days, all together we collected the olives from the field and prepared them for the conservation (after separating some for the oil making).
This means: control if in the damaged ones there’s a worm, cut half of the surface (in lenght) of the good ones, immerge them in a barrel half full of water, until there’s no more space – but the level of the olives must not pass the water’s one. Then we added some spoon of salt and that’s it.

The coming weekend we were hosting a three days workshop about cob building, guided by the founder of the association Building with Earth.
The days before we had to prepare the necessary materials and the space for hosting twenty people. We provided a lot of cob (mix of clay and sand), fresh bamboo, stones and limestone.
The group decided to build a new entrance, looking like a living room, with a couch and an arch over the gate. There were also theoric explainations before practical work and, thanks to the people who translated in english, I could enjoy also this part and discovered the world of cob building, a very ancient technique and also very resistent way of building: I’m sure every partecipant thought about building their own house in this way, one day.
The next week we focused on the vegetable garden. According to permaculture we tried to apply the less radical intervention possible on the soil, also because it was very dry and poor once the summer vegetables finished their life; instead we tried to regenerate it, creating a new layer of soil. First we placed big pieces of cardboard, then added dry and green compost (for carbon and nitrogen) and new soil over all. Since the first week we could noticed good results, and still now the plants are growing strong. We put seedballs of vegetables all around and after a while we could notice other little plants sprouting.
Moreover we planted four trees in the olive field (apple, pear, lemon and fig trees) trying to start little areas of polycolture.
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