Strong communities require active citizens. We are a central hub for the local community (sharing the customs and traditions of Halkidiki and broader Greece) and for visitors from around the world that want to improve cultural understanding and tolerance.


We believe that learning happens continuously  and doesn’t start or stop with a classroom. We specialize in non-formal learning, and share our knowledge with a hands-on-approach.


Good environmental practices and sustainable design are topics that we focus on every day. We only have one planet, and it is our responsibility to live respectfully. We practice permaculture and composting, use solar energy, make our own natural cleaners and cosmetics and work to live as low-waste as possible.

We are committed to protecting and bettering our environment

What we do

Youth and Adult Non Formal Educational Projects

Hosting and coordinating Youth Projects

Hosting volunteering activities

Other services

Licensing and permitting
Environmental awareness
Resource and waste management
Climate Change
Environmental monitoring
Environmental assessment
Information for : Citizens, Educators ,Businesses ,Government,Public Notices

Environmental Enforcement Proposition Environmental Education Ocean Protection Environmental Justice
Green Chemistry
Environmental info Air Climate change
Compliance and Enforcement _ Environmental auditing

Καταστατικό :            Καταστατικό-Κυψέλες    

Οικονομικές Καταστάσεις : 2021 N , 2022 N 

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